How To Fall In Love, With Beings And Coconut Caramel Walnut Blondies


“Commit acts of kindness from heart and mind. Then you will fall in love with all beings.”

Quote of the day from Khenpo Tenzin.


Kindness is for ourselves as much as for others. If there is no permanent self, we are no more or less deserving of our own love. We must love ourselves as we aspire to love all beings.



Somewhere between self-cherishing and self-chastising, there is kindness, falling in love with oneself as we fall in love with all beings.

I made blondies this weekend. We all needed a little sweetness to carry us through the depths of so much philosophy and reflection. This is a good recipe for falling in love. It is mind-meltingly delicious. Decadent, yes–sometimes we need to be enveloped in decadence to receive love. Sometimes loving oneself is the greatest form of decadence, the leisure that allows us to then love others.

This is all the good things of American baked goods of my childhood. Gooey, caramel-y, chewy-moist, brown-sugar sweet. It’s the tricked-out cousin of a chocolate chip cookie, with more depth and sensuousness on account of the nuts. It’s the follow-up classic to last week’s avant garde, and it’s ohsogood. There may have screams and moans at the dinner table when these went down. Just sayin.

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Wacky Mexican Cake, Maximum Study Time, And A New Drawing Series


Today is a day of pause. The morning rose grey blue and fog-covered. I call it “brumineux,” a mix of the French words for luminous and foggy. I am listening to The Oh Hellos and trying to think what I could tell of this week, this world, and what things of use have come my way.

The center closes to the public for five weeks starting tomorrow, so that we, the folks that run this place, can get edjumucated. So that when you come here we can tell you not just what times meals are and where to park your car, but also maybe some useful things about um, you know, the Dharma or something. And also so that we have the opportunity to benefit from the teachings and development we generally devote our time to make available to others.


We started classes this past week. It is both elevating and, erm, hardcore. The topic of last week was suffering. How it happens, why it happens, that’s it is all around us even when we aren’t paying attention to us. Chew on that. Also how to get out of it, fortunately (Yay!). Which is to understand that the self is an illusion and permanence is an illusion. Which I am barely just beginning to have a useful conception of, but if you have questions, go ask a Lama because I am just not there yet. Maybe one day.

In the meantime, I am busy between class sessions cooking for Khenpo Rinpoche, our adorable and unimaginable wise teacher, and also squeezing in moments to make cake and chicken soup for my leetle Dharma family, the members of which have been both having birthdays and getting sick a lot lately. (The Buddha said something about aging and sickness didn’t he? Maybe he was onto something there…).

IMG_0799So right, cake and pictures.

Cake: this is wacky cake, a one-bowl, no eggs, no dairy chocolate deliciousness. It is Mexican because there is cinnamon, chili, and coconut frosting involved. I made it for the birthday of a wacky Mexican, so it basically couldn’t be more perfect. It’s simple to make, complex in flavor and surprising without tasting weird.

Pictures: I’ve begun doing one a day, roughly, just to keep me drawing. Because I think I’m funny, I call the series “Valeurs Journalières Recommandées,” which is French for Recommended Daily Values. Each image is a drawing and caption of a thing I’m wishing for each day. Not all are things that would be nourishing them, but expressing them is. Here you see, “to calm down a bit,” (still suffering from that old hag insomnia, but better days/nights seem to be slowly arriving), and “to have care for all beings like that of Khenpo Rinpoche” because his care for beings is boundless and gentle and full of humor, and that, my friends, does a being good. I can testify.

Recipe follows…

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