Irish Cream Ice Cream

I’ve discovered the secret to happy hour.

I should start by saying I’ve never been a devotée of the tradition. I will occasionally have a glass of red wine in the afternoon or meet up with friends for a beer and something salty that will inevitably leave grease on my fingers and thus my clothes. That’s all well and good, and okay it’s super fun once in a while. Especially when you make salt shaker towers… But it’s not something I’ve ever made a habit out of, not something I lust after.

However, when you take the afternoon alcoholic beverage and turn it into an afternoon alcoholic frozen delight…well, I’m in. This ice cream is definitely something to lust after. I only like and only make thicky, creamy, real ice cream, none of that fluffy grocery store-style stuff (if you’re into that, I offer you a lovingly bemused look and a warning that you won’t find it here). This recipe counts as a paragon of the creamy ideal with all the caramel-y, grown-up deliciousness that is Irish Cream.

If you put it in a pseudo-martini glass with hot fudge and sprinkles, you can almost get away with claiming it’s a cocktail as opposed to a sundae.

What can I say? I’m so much more of twelve-year old than a twenty-something-year-old when it comes to my idea of a treat. This goodness gives the best of both worlds.

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