Five Days Later


It is painted. And on the wall. With friends!

IMG_0693There’s something about making wishes that works.

Since I came back to town, I’d pretty consistently think, “Dang, the art scene here is pretty dynamic and burgeoning. It would be so cool if I could be involved in that in some way while I’m in town.” Bang. One Facebook chat away–the chance to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and make art.

I find it truly awe-inspiring each time a person or opportunity finds me from out of the ether to invite me to make art. Perhaps we artists have a tendency to feel disowned by society; I certainly do. Too much talk of “artists on the fringe” when I was young or some such thing. For this reason, I am continually stunned to discover, as my work and career progress, that, actually, the world wants creators. There is space for us and a place for us and appreciation for what we do. Magical mysteries, these. I am grateful.

Art in the Meantime


Little low on words tonight. But, it’s all good because

1) I’m heading off for four days of retreat–meditation with a small slice of art–tomorrow. No necessito las palabras. Just the cushion and the paintbrush.

2) I got sumthin’ neat to show you.

image_2This is a woodworking shop.

I went to visit an old friend from high school today. Haven’t spoken in, oh I dunno, eight years. Turns out he’s running a super rad business here in town. Brothers of Industry–check it out! Even the name is cool.


They make furniture that’s like art. They also like art. They also have a store where they like to show art with their furniture.

They’re interdisciplinary. Can you tell?


Don’t these guys remind you of the Pixar lamp? It’s a whole family of adorable handmade table lamps.

image_3In addition to adorable lamps and arty furniture, Brothers of Industry have also started producing handmade vintage-inspired skateboards. To kick their interdisciplinary-ness up a notch, The Bros are inviting local artists to paint one-of-a-kind skateboards for an exhibition at their store.

Guess who’s got a sweet-as, raw-wood, handmade board waiting for an image?


Yup. This girl. That’s mine on top; it’s almost too pretty to paint. But don’t worry, I’ll find a way. See you on the other side, with pictures.