A Place To Make Wishes


This is Shar Minub.

A place of practice. One of only places left where monks uphold the traditional 253 vows. A new ground for discipline and training. A place Shamarpa created to allow for authentic development in meditation and ethics.

One of my fellow travelers said the other day, “This is a place where no commitments have been broken yet. A place to go to make wishes.”

And that is what we’ll do.

If you have wishes that need making, I’m in it for all beings, and that includes you. Let me know.

**This post is part of a larger project culminating in a week of creative journalism in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal chronicling the cremation of the Tibetan spiritual master Shamar Rinpoche. To find out more or make a donation to this project, go here.


4 thoughts on “A Place To Make Wishes

  1. My wishes: to have a loving partner to share the rest of my life, to find a place where I can contribute my talents in the art that I love and for the people of the world to have greater love and compassion for each being.
    Thank you!

  2. Jourdie-

    Please add my wish that all the Bodhi Path centers and practitioners around the world grow ever more interconnected, that they flourish and mature and help spread the Dharma in a limitless flood for the benefit of all beings, and that our beloved teacher take rebirth very soon!

    And I wish very much for you personally to ripen and flourish in your practice so that your actions continue to benefit all beings.

    And, you know, thank you so much.



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