Another New Year


Losar Tashi Delek! I.e., Happy Tibetan New Year.

This is the New Year’s card I designed for the center. It was, um, kind of a giant headache trying to produce an image I like and feel confident offering to represent Dhagpo in a limited amount of time, but it’s also very cool to be able to put my artistic background to use in service of others (and myself, but hey, a little publicity never hurt). It was also not this psychedelic in Illustrator, but whatever WordPress color coding, it’s fine.


Other than that, this week and this day have been filled with irresolute half-summer, half-winter weather, sudden baking extravaganzas, and joyful bouts of group practice. Seven o’clock this morning found me in the temple listening to a drum beat and long Tibetan horns, invoking the New Year in the protection of the lineage.


If this year is as wild as a wind horse, let it also be as graceful.


Let the clouds bring quiet, and let them lift to reveal the clarity of blue sky and undistracted mind.


Let every sweetness be an offering.

IMG_0912And let every seed of wisdom bear its full fruit.

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