Everything in the Rain, Plus Dried Peaches and Cardamom Coffee


Things to do in the rain:


Dry the kilos of peaches coming off the tree in the garden. Drink spiced coffee by the French press-ful. Take pictures of everything.


Because everything looks different in the rain.


I have spent twenty of my twenty-four years in arid climes.  Here in the land of precipitation, I am discovering a new world.

IMG_2129It is very green.

IMG_2140And sparkly.


And replete with minute, suspended universes.

IMG_2093Take it all in. Inside. While you drink your coffee and stare through the window as the sky changes from indigo to violet to gray with coming of day from dawn.

Outside. As you record infinite new marvels while the peaches in the oven shift from soft sugar juice to caramelly tart leather.

Recipes for coffee and peaches follow…

Cardamom Coffee

1/2 cup coarse ground coffee

1/8 teaspoon ground cardamom

a pinch of cinnamon

3 cups filtered water, boiled

Mix the spices with the ground coffee. Brew as usual.

Dried peaches

2 kilos (4.5 pounds) fresh peaches, cut into half inch slices (mine are cut simply in half, but the peaches from the garden are apricot-sized so they don’t need to be cut more than that)

Heat the oven to 180˚ F (80˚ C).

Line as many baking grills as you have with parchment paper (if you have four that’s probably enough. If you have an oven bigger than a breadbox–unlike me–this is probably not an issue). Place the peach segments evenly spaced across the parchment paper. Place in the oven to dry for six to eight hours, until they are dry and wrinkly to the touch, but the tiniest bit squishy in the center when squeezed. Allow to cool completely before storing.


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