The Moon in Rippling Water

Evening in Delhi. Indian winter, still, which is no season I have ever known or thought of, nor particularly memorable. Foggy in the morning, chilly in the evening, sunny in the middle. The rain, though, the rain will hold you in place. And then let you go.


Today was a perfect day. The sky hung low and dark with clouds and latent thunder. It felt as though the whole world slept and tossed in its sleep. Windows shed little light into rooms, leaving them silent and dormant even in the middle of morning. At midday, I sat alone on the marble stairs and watched water making pools and ripples in the courtyard.

In class, we are reading Chandrakirti’s Introduction to the Middle Way. He says,

“Beings are like the moon in rippling water, fitful, fleeting, empty in their nature.”

This morning's tree, reflected, seen through the pattern of the gate.

This morning’s tree, reflected, seen through the pattern of the gate. (Is this picture sort of tiny? Why WordPress, why?)

We appear, quite luminously even, and still we are empty of essence. If I were to stand and walk into the rain, I could see my reflection – fitful, fleeting, rippling in the stone tiles.

6 thoughts on “The Moon in Rippling Water

  1. Jourdie,
    You are very poetic.
    Currently I’m on my way to San Diego.
    It’s foggy here too, but the 405 is not as beautiful as your environment.

  2. Jourdie, Dharma-pastry-girl! I have just caught myself up with your posts. Love your crisp and sassy writing style!! I can feel that you have indeed settled in over the space of one month.
    I’ve had a dense month myself, full of self-judgment because I’m not light and joyful–now there’s a true irony. Wow, the benefits of 15 years of meditation sometimes elude little me!! But I went to a Mahamudra retreat with Garchen Rinpoche in Seattle, then came home glowing and spent the last 10 days watching body-mind trying to figure out how to re-fit themselves together. The man exudes pure love. I had not one moment of doubt and felt like the child-river flowing into the mother-ocean when I met him– he clasped me to him, wiped away my tears, let me kiss his face and we stayed just so for maybe 3 minutes. Home. He was the same for everyone, lovely and playful. I retook refuge and BS Vow with him and that feels just right.

    So between discombobulations I wanted to connect for a moment to say how happy I am to know you are in this world!! Be so well and have fun with it all–Jamie Joy

    • Jamie!

      Yay, it is so wonderful to hear from you. Oh self-judgment; it’s a killer…I know it well.

      Garchen Rinpoche sounds amazing and like the timing was perfect. So wonderful to be able to take vows with a teacher you have true devotion for.

      It is always a blessing to meet you on the path. So much love, my dear!

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