TtD: Terrible Purpose

Terrible Purpose, acrylic and graphite on paper

This is the first image to come out of this project that feels unfinished. The others may be mere moments, a fleeting thought captured, but they exist as discrete images, complete unto themselves. This image, for me, is not only unfinished, but achingly so.

The idea comes from the book Dune, by Frank Herbert, which I’m reading with Ethan, my love. Through our reading, we got to talking about “terrible purpose,” which is at first a vague allusion in the story and then becomes a concrete occurrence and quite specific idea. Although the term takes on a particular meaning within the context of the novel, the ambiguity at its outset allowed me to create my own association based on that feeling within myself.

Terrible Purpose: the sense of one’s own potential, which is both vast and imperative, yet which unfolds in the smallest increments accompanied by all the fear of a human mind.

Do you feel it?

I feel it. I am going to make a picture of it; I am going to finish what I began here today.

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