Making Commitments

Hello blog. Hello world.

I’m writing to say…that I’m writing. I am scared as I commit these words to text. Scared that I won’t follow through, but more scared of the courage and perseverance and kindness to myself that it will take to keep that commitment.

I am writing not necessarily because the words themselves are imperative to me; other forms of expression come more readily these days. But writing is a good place to start. I think if I told myself that I were going to post one new painting a week, or one new recipe, I would falter. I want to post only perfect paintings, or at least fully realized ones, and I want to post only thorough, well-tested, well-photographed recipes. I could put off actually starting and keeping a blog for years. Oh wait, I did that.

But I can’t anymore. Or rather, I won’t. I want to cultivate the practice of sharing. I want to teach myself to take my own creative work seriously, and committing to posting something, anything, once a week, seems like a good place to start. Maybe if I get in the habit of just showing up here, for a moment, to capture an idea or a feeling, I will get comfortable enough to casually post a photograph of a new painting or tap out the measurements to last night’s dessert with a quick pic. I have to teach myself to stop worrying about the outcome and just do the things that feel right.

For now, that is my commitment: post once a week. Be open and see what unfolds.

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